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Best Practice Tips: Ideas for Presentation of Content/QA!

by Shandale Remekie-McFarlane -

  • Now that students have reviewed and were introduced to the lesson, move on to the main presentation.

Presentation of content/QA
  • Use any of the following strategies alone or together - Teamwork activities e.g., review article (jigsaw); Problem solving; Live presentation; Recorded presentation; Lecture-discussion; Gallery Walk; Question-Answer
  • Use any of the following resources - Breakout rooms (Cisco WebEx);; Mindmup; Popplet; Voicethread; Recorded sessions/ Video/YouTube; Use PPT; Prezi when making a presentation/giving a lecture; Share content, multimedia, whiteboard, applications and or web browsers on Webex.  Use WebEx features- Reaction icons; chat etc. to engage students.

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